Your 2021 AHSEP Instructors


Brian Dellett

Head Instructor, Program Director

I have been Sailing for 39 years and I am thrilled to bring my love of the water and background in education to this program.  I am looking forward to working with the kids to help them on and off the water to learn this great sport. I love teaching and instructing to see the "ah ha" and "I got this" moments in students. 

FUN FACT: I have never eaten a Big Mac or Whopper!



Level 1 Senior Instructor

I have been sailing for 11 years with AHSEP both as a student, junior instructor and Level 1 Senior Instructor. I enjoy sharing my love of sailing with kids and showing them lots of different ways to have fun on the water as well as ways to appreciate and take care of our beautiful shorelines. I am American Red Cross certified in First Aid and I sailed with my high school team. I am  attending Towson University studying nursing.

FUN FACT: I loved taking naps on our family sailboat!



Level 1 Senior Instructor

I have been sailing for 11 years - all of them at AHSEP! This is my 6th year as either a Junior or Level 1 Certified Instructor. My favorite thing about being an instructor is being able to get in boats with kids who are having trouble and get to know them and help them become better sailors. 

FUN FACT: I am the captain  of my high school sailing team!



Level 1 Senior Instructor

I started my sailing career at AHSEP, and I am now a 2 time all-state skipper.  I am the captain of the CBA Varsity Sailing Team, and travel all over the country for regattas. I have always surrounded myself with water and sailing, and I have been sailing for 12 years now.  I love being an instructor because I enjoy teaching the kids how I was once taught.

FUN FACT: I am undefeated in the game of ninja at AHSEP.



Level 1 Senior Instructor

I first started sailing at AHSEP, and I have been sailing here for a total of 7 years.  I am also a member of my high school sailing team.  I love being a sailing instructor because I am able to pass on all the sailing knowledge I have acquired over the years.

FUN FACT: My favorite part of sailing at AHSEP is Adventure Week!



Level 1 Senior Instructor

I learned to sail at the Bay Head Yacht Club, where I spent 6 summers before sailing out of SSYC for the last few years.  I just purchased my own sailboat last summer and have a passion for sailing that I am eager to pass on to others.  I am looking forward to an awesome summer of sailing. I currently attend the University of Michigan.  

FUN FACT: I sailed Optis for 7 years.

2021 Junior Instructors & Helpers: Lori, Andrew, Mikey, Will and Lewis