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The 2023 AHSEP Team 

Your 2023 AHSEP Instructors

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Caroline Fortier

Head Instructor, Program Director

Hi! I’m the new Head Instructor! Some of you may recognize me from past seasons, and I am so happy to be rejoining the AHSEP program! 

I’m finishing my senior year at Loyola University Maryland, studying Advertising & Public Relations with a minor in Environmental Studies.


Throughout my four years, I have been a part of our sailing team, the captain for the last three. 

Sara S.JPG

Sara S.

Level 1 Senior Instructor

II have been sailing with AHSEP for 11 years and met all of my closest friends through the program. I am currently a student at Towson University and just changed my major to early childhood and special education.


I graduated from Red Bank Regional High School and have lived in Red Bank my whole life!

FUN FACT: My favorite food are bagels!!

Benson C.png

Benson C.

Level 1 Senior Instructor

I have been sailing for 11 years - all of them at AHSEP! This is my 6th year as either a Junior or Level 1 Certified Instructor. My favorite thing about being an instructor is being able to get in boats with kids who are having trouble and really form a bond with them. Next year I will be attending Middlebury College and plan on continuing my sailing career there. 

FUN FACT: I love to ski and am planning an extended ski trip to Argentina this summer.

Alex F.jpeg

Alex F.

Level 1 Senior Instructor

I first started sailing at AHSEP, and I have been sailing here for a total of 8 years.  I am also a member of my high school sailing team. 


I love being a sailing instructor because I am able to pass on all the sailing knowledge I have acquired over the years.

FUN FACT: My favorite part of sailing at AHSEP is Adventure Week!

Lewis F..png

Lewis F.

Level 1 Instructor 

I have been sailing for 8 years at AHSEP. This is my second year as a junior instructor. I also sail for my high school team. I love sharing my passion for sailing with the kids and seeing them have fun as they learn. I hope I can help them become better sailors and humans while they are at AHSEP.

Fun Fact: My favorite color is green!


Lori S.

Level 1 Instructor 

I started sailing at AHSEP when I was 8 years old and have been there ever since. I love meeting new sailors every summer and getting to connect with them. My favorite part of sailing is getting to spend countless hours out on the water and finding fun ways to play games out there. I am so excited for another awesome summer at AHSEP!

FUN FACT: My favorite AHSEP game is the bumper game!

Will V.jpg

Will V.

Level 1 Instructor 

Hi, my name is Will I have been sailing at AHSEP for 6 years now. I enjoy sharing the joy of sailing with the friends I have met because of sailing, and the new ones I meet every time I get to be on the water. I can’t wait for another summer of sailing where I get to do what I love for 2 months straight.

Fun Fact: My favorite sailboat is a Laser. 

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